My Compositions
Symphony c-minor
String quartett
Violin sonata
Piano Sonata
various other pieces
My Spirituality

My Compositions

Important to me are the quality of the melodies, the depth and variety of emotional expression and the passion and transcedence which the music conveys. The style I most identify with is the Vienna Classics so it was natural for me to write in this style and I don't care when others say this would be anachronistic.

The symphony and the string quartett are based on some sketches from Beethoven for unfinished projects from his last years  (10th symphony, string quintett WoO 62 and a bagatelle for piano in f-minor).

Other here presented works I wrote just on my own ideas. I hope you'll enjoy them and share with me what you think of them...

The MP3's were recorded by the use of Garritan Personal Orchestra - conscious of the limitations a computer rendition but thankfull that we live in a time that even when I unfortuneately don't have an orchestra available, I still have a good possibility to express what is in my heart.