My Compositions
My Spirituality


 My spiritual journey began shortly after my 17th birthday in 1978. It was one evening during a ski vaccation with my family in Switzerland when I was praying to God as I had done it in a childlike manner before. But in this time it was different. I felt like a wonderful divine presence of peace filled my heart and I remember me saying "Whow, if everybody would experience this there would be no more wars on this earth!"

Half a year later during a year as an exchange student in Dallas, Texas, I got to know Christians who told me that God yearns to have a continuous and intimate relationship with us - and that He wants to live not just in Heaven but in me! For this He Himself became a man - Jesus Christ of Nazareth - to fully identify with us, even to die for us on the cross - bearing all the barriers and blockades of guilt which were there between mankind and God! But death could not hold him and he rose again from the dead becoming the" life giving Spirit" as the apostle Paul expresses it in 1.Cor.15:45. And so today He stands right before the "door" of my heart and is "knocking" (Rev. 3:20). Would I invite Him to be my Redeemer and Lord? I did! In a simple little prayer I hesitatingly invited Him to come into my life - without feeling anything special.

But a few weeks later as I began to read the New Testament of the Bible for the first time of my life something beautiful began to burn and flow deep in my spirit - a sense of love, peace and joy which is hard to describe. I still have the diary in which I wrote: "Holy Spirit !!!!!!!!". It was similiar to the one experience half a year earlier, but now it became my almost daily experience. Jesus' words "Whoever is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me rivers of Life shall flow out of him" (Joh. 7:37-38) began to become very real to me.

And since this time the desire to write music developed. So often when I enjoy the intimate presence of Jesus I just love to sing to him with words and melodies which just rise up in my heart and sometimes flow into my compositions (like that passage of the 2nd movement of my symphony at 6:30). The Bible compares our heart with the strings of a harp or guitar: God's Holy Spirit wants to resonate, vibrate in our heart when we worship him in a sincere way wihich has nothing to do with traditions or stiff religion. Will you invite Jesus to tune and unblock the "strings of your heart" and bring them to vibration of God's Love and Beauty (not just regarding music but regarding life in all its aspects)? That's what God in Jesus came, died and rose from the dead for ... Don't miss Him - Jesus is waiting for you ...